You Can Own a Home or a Cash-Flowing Investment Property Without a Down Payment, Bank Qualifying or Credit Hassles …Your Own Home or Multiple Investment Properties Without Cash or Credit?  Really?

Think about this:

As a prospective buyer of real estate can/could you be turned away because…

  • You are new on the job?
  • You are self-employed?
  • You are burdened with a less that perfect credit history?
  • You lack sufficient savings for a down payment?
  • You are cursed with former bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure, a past offer in compromise (‘short sale’), marital dissolution, past or pending lawsuits, etc.?
  • You income does not meet a lender’s criteria?
  • You have no verifiable Proof of Income?
OR…(‘perhaps on the other hand)…
  • You are simply a prudent buyer with good credit and sufficient down payment; but one who would prefer not committing to a thirty-year mortgage or spending a large amount of cash for “dead equity” in real estate?  [I.e.,  Dead Equity is money that is paid down on something purchased, which will appreciates by the same amount, with or without the down payment).
  • Your are in need of tax deductions to neutralize your income, but much prefer not to use your cash or credit to acquire real estate?
  • You are open to discovering the secret of real property ownership without any of the traditional obstacles!
  • Are you ready to begin enjoying all the many benefits of real estate ownership without the necessity of a new mortgage or credit qualifying…and without a standard down-payment requirement.

The Equity Holding Trust System solidly provides:

  • All incidents of ownership via loan payment assumption, without a lender’s due-on-sale violation (even with non-assumable loans).
  • A legal “Subject-To,” without the necessity of the buyer being on title and risking  creditor judgment or IRS tax liens against the property.
  • Freedom from the need for subterfuge, deceit or “quiet documentation” relative to virtually any type of seller-assisted mortgage payment-stream assumption.

Through our Nation-Wide Professional Network of highly skilled and knowledgeable Realtors(r), mortgage professionals, financial planners and and investors, there is never a shortage of available…

  • Houses
  • Townhouses
  • Condominiums
  • PUD’s (“Zero Lot Line Planned Unit Development”)