I’d just like to tell you that I really enjoyed your presentation in Greenbelt. You really covered all the important angles that the “other” gurus don’t even know about, and you were extremely in-depth with the use of the EHTrust techniques to protect myself.

I also picked a bunch of great marketing ideas and together with the info on the EHTrust™ Transfer System…I have no doubt that I’ll make tons of money with this system.

Thank you much and let me know the next time you will be in town so I can get you the best “Lo Mein” possible. :0)

Minh Pham


Hi folks, I just got home and opened my box of materials. Today was wonderful!  I’ve taken courses over the years John Schaub, Jack Miller and Bill Bronchik…and have never felt as inspired as I am with the EHTrust(tm) system. I’m putting a group together from some of those in attendance today. Maybe they can help “lock in” these great techniques. Mr. Gatten really opened my eyes to what is possible in today’s economic and regulatory environment.

Again, a million thanks.

Phyllis Thompson, Ph.D.


It can’t be this easy! I made a total of four calls, went on one appt, and signed it up today!  I have been trying to buy a house for 2 years and have had no success. After a serious bout of phone fright, I made three calls that ended badly, then I took your advice and got into the mindset of being a consultant.. It worked! I am buying a $190,000 house for $3,300 down, (setup fees) and $1,250 per-month!!! If I didn’t want to move into this house, I would make about 500-600 per month in pos. cash flow, plus about 5k-10k upfront.  What a program!

Thanks to all you folks for the help in figuring out the paperwork. This is the first of many properties that I will be buying with the EHTrust™ system.

This system is amazing, and I don’t have to feel like I took advantage of anyone in getting what I wanted…’which means a lot to me.

Ryan Martin


Seriously guys, anybody who is interested in the application of Land Trusts MUST learn this process. There are no two ways about it: on this otherwise obscure topic, the RE Investing world becomes a reality.  The [Equity Holding Trust] system is incredible.

There’s a tremendous amount to be learned. While the training materials are quite light, the research and application is anything but.

Thank you!


Plano, Texas


I just closed on my second two-tier [EHTtrust] arrangement – thank you so much for all the timely and friendly help. This system really works!! ‘Some money up front, cash flow of around $200 per month, guaranteed and potential cash at termination on each of these – knock on wood and keep praying.

Thanks so much!

Jon Bradham
Riverhaven Equities, Inc.


For anyone who may be interested, I began my Real Estate career with total of $200 and bad credit. In the beginning I realized I needed to market and to get motivated sellers calling me. I made my own hand painted signs and postcards. When the phone rang I started buying homes with no money or credit using the subject-to [EHTrust] method. In my first year I grossed $1,000,000 (million) dollars… ‘all with very little money out of pocket (virtually none) and never once used my own credit.

Have a Great Day!

Lana Smeenk


As always, I’m very grateful to you guys and this super buying and selling device.  Like riding a bicycle, making love or building Rome, to get really good at it, it always takes time.

When you spoke to my clients on our conference call, it was like watching the World’s Series of Poker Finalists doing what they do best.

Love, passion, honesty and experience are the best teachers.

Thank you again for your time today with my client Joel.


Marc Preven
New York, New York


The fact that the [EHTrust] has made a ‘huge’ difference in my life is an understatement. In less than a year, with no money or credit, I’ve picked up thousands of dollars in move-in money, over $190,000 in real estate equity and $1,800 per-month in positive cash flow!  And those numbers are growing weekly!

Recently my boss at work told me that it bothered him that I took calls while on the job relative to my real estate investing endeavors.  After a brief discussion, I told him that if I had to choose between making a ‘living’ and making a ‘life,’ I’d choose the latter in a ‘heart beat,’ and quit the job!  Nothing further was said.

I am thankful for this system and what it gives you in “walk-away” power.

By the way, because of the system, in the last 2.5 years, I’ve done 60 deals and have made approximately $550,000 and a continuous monthly cash flow of $4900 per month whether I get up to go to work or sleep all day.  My wife is now a true believer too. In fact, I’m closing 3 deals this month!

All of this has changed my life.  Also, add to this…’about half of the outstanding deals I have out there right now, I will also receive 25% of the appreciation from the last couple of years here in Phoenix with these properties.  That will make the total amount of money directly made by me with the [EHTrust] system over 1 million dollars in just 2.5 years…part time!

Adam Albright
Phoenix, Az


I am now certain that I’ve finally found my niche…with this rock-solid land trust transfer system.  I now have no doubt of my absolute success, financial freedom and the ability to live without the fear that someone will take away my hard-earned assets because of some business or personal legal entanglement. Thank you so much for the supportive message, encouragement, and my welcome to the Network. That meant a lot to me.  God bless to you all.

Best regards,

Alex Syed (Alex) Ali
Irvine, CA


I just returned from Salt Lake City, UT where I went to see the investing situation there: where I plan to purchase properties. In only 48 hours of my trip, I learned a lot about the area and saw many multi-unit properties.  There are deals out there! All it needs is investor-motivation, persistence and hard work to acquire properties without down or new loans.

You guys have some truly great trainers (mine is Bret Ehlers). I am thankful for all the time and training given me.

Really a great team of EHTrust™ staff and network members who are so willing to help new investors like me.

Thanks so much. God bless.
Best Regards,

Alex Ali


Very interesting…

Re: Today’s judgment here in Texas
Case No 22-E-03-00087-01
Enrique Ibarra Trust & South Marlow Trust Services (Plaintiffs)

Domingo Moncada JR and Gloria Moncada (Defendants)

In Justice Court Precinct 2, Bexar County, Texas, Plaintiff claimed back-rent for the property at 9311 Flint Arrow, San Antonio in the amount of $2,385.00 being one-month’s rental and the proportional short payment for the month previous. The December payment being applied first to other costs (arrears) and then rental per the agreement plus the arrears rental for the month of January 03.

The Defendants claimed water damage to the house and the landlord was not prepared to repair same in spite of being requested to do so. The Defendants presented photographic evidence of the damage.

Justice William E Donovan asked if the Defendants had signed the lease offered as evidence and they agreed they had.

Justice William E Donovan asked the Plaintive if the Trust should be handled by the probate court. When informed that the trust was an Inter Vivos Land Trust and the Defendants were in fact the major beneficiaries of said trust he concluded that the defense had little merit and the Triple-Net Lease was in force particularly clause #25 which says interalia that all repairs are the responsibility of the tenants.

He pointed out that they had a claim against the builder of the house (the house is 10-months old and still under warranty) and could not withhold rental per clause #25.

The Justice ruled in favor of the Plaintiffs.  Yay!!

Kind regards,
Peter Michael Jakubczyk, San Antonio,TX


RE. you superb RE transfer system, I was a general contractor until I hurt my back last summer. I spent a month sitting in a straight back chair bored out of my mind until I purchased a copy of the [EHTrust] Success Manual at a garage sale for $1.00. I spent many hours reading and then decided that this was a great idea that offered a win-win for everyone involved. I attended one of the company’s workshops in Portland and came away even more impressed.   I then ordered the new training materials several months ago, formed an LLC in July, 2002 and started working at the business.
To date we control 15 properties, have positive cash flow on each, have put Resident-Bene’s into each one, with upfront money from $1,500 to $5,000, and are looking forward to when we will receive the backend profits.

My sincerest gratitude,

Bob Babco, Portland Ore.


Let me say this…The [EHTrust] intrigued me with all of its functionality and the integrity of its framers. The hardest part is the “cold calling” (dialing for dollars); but, to be honest, with an interested “Yes, let’s get together” from one out of every seven or eight landlords I called, I’m encouraged to pursue. I’ll be taking the full weekend training in LA this Friday … and I’m truly excited about this option for RE Investment.

Charles Gray
Scottsdale, AZ


You folks are really FABULOUS!  Thank you! for an incredible, power-packed weekend in LA!

New in-depth knowledge! New found friends!  And, lots & lots of laughter … what could be better?

Charles Gray
Scottsdale, AZ


As to the inimitable ways and means of the [EHTrust], I view this as one of the ‘truest and most immediately useable tools in real estate investing today.  At age 67, as a broker in the past, as a general contractor and consummate remodel expert, and as a real estate investor/principal in both Minnesota and California, my experience begins with being a student of the “father of gurus,” William Nickerson.  After that, I have sat in on most of the others over the years, and find that the folks involved with the EHTrust(tm) cover all the bases for all the ball games out there, and its all done with a giving heart and a vast knowledge of what they do and teach the rest of us to do.

Cork Horner
San Diego, Ca.


Pardon the expression, but I think I had “multiple epiphanies” at the Dallas [EHTrust] seminar. It gave me a chance to close in on many of the deals I’ve been getting that were proving to be problematic and unlikely to be put together. Your system closed them…and in all sincerity, I owe it all to you guys!

Darel Burleson
Dallas, TX


Bill, you are truly a pioneer in creative real estate congratulations!!!  I’m going to seize the moment of this opportunity.  Wow! It’s just amazing to see the benefits of being a proud [ODWM Network Member. Thanks again…and again!

Darryl B. Colbourne


This is Dave Mintzer in Las Vegas. I attended the celebrity conference at the LV Convention center. I only attended because Donald Trump was speaking there.  All of the speakers were trying to sell their products to the point of ad-nauseum. I realize what I got from your presentation re. the Network Membership was the only real bargain. I am so glad I am a Network member now, and a part of what I now consider the best company in the United States for real estate investing.


Dave Mintzer in Vegas


My god, this was far more than worth every dime! I’ve pored over a big chunk of the materials since Sunday evening and the attention to detail, great words of wisdom, and the value-add-ons are just absolutely over the top! I loved the Sandler behaviors, attitudes, and techniques that have been incorporated (woven) into the overall system.

David Charleton
Cleveland Ohio


OK twenty-one (21) properties in six week as of last night: all with none of my own money or credit (and I didn’t borrow any either). Six more properties possible today at 1:00 PM.  Also “Manchester St. (my 1st rehab property)” looks like it also sold via the Equity Holding Trust process. I’m holding it long-term with no land-lording duties or financial shortfalls.

My mentor/consultant and the system itself is singularly the reason for this sudden acceleration. No, I don’t get anything for sharing the plug other than an ‘Atta Boy’ now and then and maybe a pat on the head!  But another really big “Atta Boy” goes out to the Akron/Canton RE Investors Association for its having Bill as a guest speaker last month. If not for that night and his workshop, I would have missed a great learning experience, several good deals and some truly powerful legerdemain (that’s “Magic”).

David Charleton
Akron, Ohio


I have to presume that you guys get thank-you notes like this one all the time. ‘Not just for great books, inspiring seminars, and helpful telecoaching sessions, but for when you help people on a personal level, ‘not with this deal or that idea but when you CHANGE someone’s life.

You have been my mentor in so many more ways than you could imagine. Sharing your knowledge of Real Estate is only the beginning of what you have done for me. When I think about how far I’ve come from that evening in San Jose after a seminar more than four years ago when you, Marla, and myself had dinner at Lou’s Village, I don’t even recognize who I was then. (I think I tried out my “stand-up” routine on you two, and your response was, “Don’t give up your day job”). If it hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t be on the verge of ‘giving up my day job’ now.

The condo we bought in San Diego with the EHTrust] sold, and I went to the bank with a check for $45K. It all cleared today as I flew to San Jose. When I landed, my voice mail was from Wells Fargo saying it had cleared. We are now paying off all our credit cards that had been over-burdened with expenses from dealing with the condo and Mom’s passing: and now I have a new problem caused by you: How am I supposed to live with the knowledge that I’m NOT a failure?

Do you remember the little book you bought me after brunch in Topanga (SP?) Canyon? Paramahansa Yogananda’s The Law of Success? I finally read it today on the plane. I re-read and re-read parts of it and I will be re-reading it for a while, ‘till it sinks it. I’m looking forward to the day when I can buy a copy for someone I believe in.

Thank you so very much,
Another devoted success story

David Spiro, San Diego, Ca.


I’m finally reading YOUR book, and it really is fantastic. I’m reading it while sitting out on the patio and find myself laughing out loud a lot.

I came in as a total greenie and within a year am averaging one deal a month headed for two. Let me tell you–there isn’t a better program in the Creative RE business than the [EHTrust] program. Period! This fact isn’t even up for discussion.

DB Henderson
Salt Lake City, UT


I’ve written this recommendation for the [EHTrust] to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: “I attended an EHTrust Investor Training session and signed up as a Member of the [ODWM] Professional coaching, training, partnering and consulting group.

I had a very difficult investment situation that I had gotten myself into prior to meeting the EHTrust(tm), and thanks to you all, the problem is now well in the past.
I wish I had done all this much sooner, as I never would have made my mistakes! This system delivers a hell of a lot MORE than promised! It’s an excellent tool and the education part arrives in a fun and entertaining way.

I would recommend that EVERY Real Estate Investor or “Would-Be” Investor invest in these classes and the EHTrust and Membership FIRST!  They at ODWM will open your eyes to many new opportunities, and save you a ton o’ money in headaches by helping you to avoid many pitfalls and Scams. This is “The Real Deal”.

Service Category: Real Estate Investor Trainer, Entrepreneur, Expert Year first hired: 2005

Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Marie Krasch has endorsed your work.


I’ll update you on what has happened in the past few months and what I’m working on now. I got three houses under contract (non-exclusive option) during the same week…using the [EHTrust(tm)].

The first one expired without me successfully doing anything with it. The house needed more work that the current payments at 12% could support in a ‘sandwich type’ deal.

The second one is in foreclosure and we’re negotiating with the bank. I partnered with a local investor on this one. We are currently working with the bank, had a BPO done and it came back really low. There is about 30K-40K in that one and we’re looking for a quick flip.

The third has a retail buyer. He is obtaining his own financing and I’m trying to figure out a way to keep myself in the middle of this deal. ‘Any suggestions?

Now for my current situation:

I have 4 meetings set up with sellers over the next week that I think I can handle, except for one. I have a tired landlord who has 18 units for sale. The only issue for me is 12 of them are single family houses one is a duplex and the other is a four-family.

How do I handle 14 houses at one time?

The tired landlord lives two hours away and is driving up every weekend to deal with the properties. They have also hired a management company to handle things when they aren’t in town. The houses were all bought in January of this year and all they are open to staying on the loan for a few years while someone else handless everything for them.

Dennis R. Shorter


Since my introduction to the [EHTrust] system, I’ve had meetings with two of four sellers over the weekend and have them signed up on a 30 day and 60 day EHT Non-Exclusive Option.  Now to get those sold!!
I have a meeting set up with the other seller on Thursday night that shouldn’t be a problem…

Since November, I’ve joined various costly and widely disparate RE investment programs; all of them were very stimulating and educational (at first) .  However, it wasn’t until I attended your seminar last October, here in the San Francisco Area, that I really felt that I had at last found a way of doing business that I could be completely comfortable with and capable of using to help my Spanish-speaking community.  Last month I set up my first Equity Holding Trust Transfer™ and I’m now working on my second one.  It’s al so easy.

I really want to thank you, and I am hoping to see you in the near future in another seminar.  I want you to know that without your help I would not have been able to put any of these transactions together.  You really have a great team!  Oops, I mean WE have a great team!

I cannot ever thank you enough,

Diana Garcia
San Francisco


We are still in a fight about this problem.  I thought that you would be interested in the response from our attorney.  I will also send along the information that I sent to her that was referred to in her email.  This has been quite a learning experience.  Would I do it again given the expense and emotional drain?  Maybe.  I have come to a place to have this not affect me in a negative way, and so has Russ.  That is worth a lot.  Thank you for all of your support and remarks.  Seems like your method of doing a “subject to” is right on the money for NC and would have saved us from a$20,000 fine and the necessity of relinquishing all of our subject-to real estate.

Diane and Russ Barberio, No. Carolina


You amaze me! Not just your answers and your knowledge, but the fact that you follow-up as you do. You’re one of a handful that deserves respect in this business. Keep up the good honest work. A lot of people are impressed. Thanks.

Ron Christopher, Las Vegas , NV


Thank you all so much.  Over the years I’ve spent so much money on so many other CRE courses, and therefore can now see how much of it was wasted, in that you offer so much more than all the others.  Yours is undoubtedly the best education available in this business; and is as well the most ethical and moral way of doing any kind of creative real-estate.  I only wish I could have known you sooner: but at least I know you now and am finally making money.  Again, thanks so much for the [EHTrust] system.  I look forward to a long and rewarding association with you and the NARS team.

Ed Fulmer
W. Palm Beach, Fla.


Some of New York is a tough market, but the rewards here are huge.  When you understand that you can make a hundred thousand on one deal, you don’t mind spending hours looking for that deal.  But creative real estate investing requires many skills and discipline to be successful. The desire to succeed has to be accompanied by more than just the will to plop down a few grand for a course.  It’s work, my dear.  If you truly enjoy it then it’s all fun. I’ve been in this business for over twenty five years, and the EHT title-holding trust is by far the most unique concept I’ve run across.  It’s a fantastic tool in the task of finding, closing and holding property.

Long Beach Ed


Hi Bill…just in from one of my buyers…’she’s moving from the San Fernando Valley to S. Hemet…to own her own home…..she is one of  many of my elated buyers who are ecstatic to be homeowners…You have an amazing program…Sir…thank you..


Hey Eloise, I took my girlfriend to Hemet today to see the house. OMG!  We were almost crying. Seriously this is the happiest point of my life. I cannot wait to move in. I am getting my second tiny doggy tomorrow then I’m going shopping for paint and furniture. I figure I’ll give myself some extra time in case they don’t have something in stock.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I looked at the house again today. ‘Have a good night.

Eloise Figueroa wrote back:

You’re welcome, Tihoney….have a good week…


This is an exciting business!  Truly amazing!  I modified the loan on an existing trust transaction… Are you ready for this??!  7.375% was the going Interest rate–now modified to 3.5% life of the loan! The Second mortgage was @ $123,000, debt and they settled for $12K…!  (Learned about debt settlements from Bill Gatten at the last workshop!!OMG)

I can now cash-flow this home at $400 a month!!!… If I had not become an [ODWM] member when I did, I would have lost this home to foreclosure…’but because I was able to use the EHTrust and bring in resident beneficiaries to pay the mortgage all these years…I was able to hold on…..It’s a wonderful day!!

Eloise Figueroa, San Diego, Ca.


By the way, thank you!  The EHTrust has been a financial boon and a great inspiration in my life.  Legislated out of business by Arnold at age 60 is not fun.  I’ve found a whole new career thanks to you.  Take care and best regards.

Gary Mialocq, PHD


In 1999, I bought a home halfway between Yosemite and Fresno (Ca.) for $175,000.  Slight fixer-upper on 3 acres, rural, barn fenced and cross-fenced, and behind locked gates.  In 2004, using your system, we found a home in Arizona and here I am.  We kept the California property and put it into an [EHTrust™] and it took me exactly one day to find a resident beneficiary. My $1,000 per-month positive cash flow almost makes the payment on our new home, and now my resident beneficiary in Ca. is ready to buy me out…at $410K.  (w/ capital gains forgiven).  And to boot, we also now have $100K equity in our new home. Just Not a bad way to make an extra $100,000 per-year.

Thank you folks… I owe you a lot.
Dr. Gary Mialocq


I went from being a simple homeowner barely making it, to owning $1.3M in property without any debt, and I’m just getting started. I salute you!
Gary Mialocq, Ph.D.


Here is a copy of something my last “LAND-TRUST [EHTrust]” client sent me ,,,

The Land-Trust biz has changed soooo many lives,,,

THANK YOU for developing the system you have today,,,,

again you have changed lives for many families and their KIDS TOO !!!


Gerry Adair, Santa Rosa, Ca.


Thanks for the help. I spoke with Premium Escrow today and they hooked me up with Southland Title to issue insurance with no problems. For your information, on the three deals I just closed all three required a Declaration of Trust.  Each from a different title co.: First Am., Lawyers title, and Chicago.  I also I spoke with Stoneridge Escrow to ask why I should have problems and the two deals you told me you just closed through them went fine.  He told me that a declaration was required on both of them as well, but you may not have been notified about them. You may want to check with him on the details of your last two deals with him. It would be nice to find a way to work with some of these title companies.

Anyway I would not have got these properties at all if it were not for your program. These three houses are nowbeing exchanged for a new 7,000 sq ft industrial building in which I’ll house my dental lab business. I have seven deals left, all pumping cash flow and appreciating as they go.  I just wanted to say THANKS!

Greg Schubert (Proud Network Member)


I am really thrilled to be doing EHTrust business and making money because of what I and the others learned at the CCIA Seminar here in the Chicago area. Your Land Trust Buying System is now an important part of my Real Estate Investments portfolio plan. I just can’t thank you and your fine company enough for the empowering knowledge and skills I now have from spending a weekend with you all.

Hugo Merino
Chicago, Ill.


Once again, you have impressed my socks off. Not only have you shown me the way to get people to call for my services, but you also have now helped me with my first property…with many more to come.

And then you suggested a conference call. That is all I needed. Man, you gave those people so many options and showed them how they can get money up front and how I could still get what I want. They were as impressed as I was with what you had to say (and how you said it).

Then, on top of all of that you even explained how to get rid of the bad tenant by making make me a beneficiary in the trust.  You showed them the solution while placing me in the trust to ease their pain…and to make me some money.

I can’t thank you enough for the gift of the EHTrust!  Thank your for being there and encouraging me to call you every time I have a question or need help.

Ivan Lipitsky,
New York City


Great news! It’s unbelievable. We got two more EHTrust(tm) houses under contract today, and are advertising this weekend for Resident Beneficiaries. This is in addition to the two others that have already closed, and for which we are now waiting to submit those EHTrusts along with the other two.  This means that since you came to OKC, we have already done four firm deals and have four more new ones ready to go!  All I can say is “Thank you!”

Oops, almost forgot: I’m scheduled to sign up still another one tomorrow morning!

Jeff J. Brown
Oklahoma City, OK


I had researched a number of different programs and systems that were available.  I attended an EHTrust workshop in February of last year.  I told myself that if I did not make a commitment (purchasing a program and doing what it told me to do) that I would never know whether it worked or not.  I also said that if I was going to make that kind of an investment (monetary compared to the results of my first deal) I better put it to work.

I got one of those Beanie Baby Turkey’s they hand out at the  seminar’s, and I put it on top of my computer and told myself that I was nothing more than a Turkey if I didn’t at least give this a try.  I did and it does work!  I used the five-step mailing process and did my first deal after my third contact.  Even though the first two face-to-face contacts didn’t work out, they definitely increased my knowledge and negotiating techniques re. talking with homeowners.  I had never done a deal or talked to anyone prior to this, so I consider myself a newbie. ‘Could I have had the same results with another system or program, possibly…but his one did ti for me!

Last thing I want to be is labeled as is a “One Hit Wonder.”  I don’t know what would be worse, never trying or trying and finding out it works and never trying again.  I think it is obvious the later is worse.

Please allow me to extend my deep appreciation for an outstanding company and outstanding service.  The tools provided and the processes presented have eliminated all my negative concerns about approaching a creative solution to homeowners’ real estate problems.  Wow!

Jim Boatwright
L.A., California


I find that the EHTrust is very easy to do with the aid the company (ODWM provides.  I attended my first seminar and spent too much time trying to learn every angle of the trust (“paralysis of analysis).  I finally did just as the trainer kept telling me and asked a FSBO what she wanted, and because it didn’t hurt me I gave it to her.  Then I ran an ad in the Dallas Morning News word-for-word from the work book, and I now have a deal that will be through escrow in about a week.  $8,000 in my pocket up front,  $300 per month positive cash flow and $7,000 coming when the RB puts the loan in his name.  It works just like the company says it will if you stop trying to “reinvent their wheel” and just monkey see monkey do. Do I understand all there is to know about the system?  No.  ‘And I don’t plan to.  I have contacted twenty FSBO’s with houses to sell and plan to use the data base of thirty-four people who called about my ad who want to enjoy home ownership but have a glitch on their credit record.  If they have the money, then I have the time to find what they want.

Thanks folks for sticking with me until you finally got it hammered it into my head: ‘just do what the book says.

Jim in Plano, Texas


Bill, Great news! Had our first eviction!! Paperwork held up just fine in Massachusetts, even though our state usually forces a yearlong appeals process.  In this case our savvy attorney was able to turn it around on the property owner. BUT, Massachusetts treated the Occupancy agreement as the governing paperwork. ‘Didn’t even need the Trust.  The fact that the property was in a trust was enough. In Mass. if someone is 4 months late they have no standing.


Jodi Tousignant


Well, I would consider myself a newbie investor.  I heard about the EHTrust clear back in 2002.  I bought the whole nine yards and soon owned 3 investment properties:  2 of which are classic EHT’s except for maybe the wheelbarrow full of money to the bank part.  But anyway, we control 2 houses that were don’t-wanters, and we receive monthly cash flow of a couple hundred dollars each, we have existing “equity” in both properties as well as 50% of future appreciation and debt reduction.  Equity Holdings holds title on both of them and that seems to work out pretty darn good.  I had [ODWM do the paperwork on one and I did the paperwork on the next one. That’s about it-looking to do it again (except with the wheelbarrow full of money to the bank this time!)

Todd and Jody, Reno Nevada


Hi guys, I just closed on my second two-tier trust arrangement, using [ODWM] to create the Land Trust agreement and establish Equity Holdings Corp as the trustee.  Thanks a lot to you folks for your timely and friendly help. This system is like nothing we’ve ever seen and is really is working for us – ‘some money up front, cash flow of around $200 per month, guaranteed and potential cash at termination on each of these – knock on wood.

Thanks so much!

Jon Bradham
Riverhaven Equities, Inc.


I just want to thank you all again for a wonderful, informative weekend. You made it a very enjoyable experience.
I wish that I had attended your workshop before I did Kyosaki’s…My God, what a difference! I feel like I got a raw deal on that one. It sounded good but was way too expensive, and doesn’t offer nearly as much as you do (‘not even close). Your program is many times greater than anyone’s I’ve ever seen! As soon as I’ve made my money back that I unwisely spent on that, I will be joining up w/ you and your wonderful team. You guys are awesome!

Thank you again!

Karen Scott


Bill, first let me say what a pleasure it was being at your seminar this weekend.  I was up early and to sleep late and was extremely tired. I wanted to join your Mentoring and Partnering Network, but just did not have the funds to do so at this time because of other investments and restrictions in my personal life.

I do know that I will join soon, and will not hold any reservations at paying full price for the program.

None the less, you taught, trained, entertained and educated us all tirelessly in so many facets that the words just can’t be spoken to mean enough.


Ken Hicks, Redondo Beach, CA


Loved the phone call Saturday. Great info! You have taught me so much.  I cannot begin to tell you. I am doing things now that last year at this time I did not even know existed, much less how to pronounce them!!!!!

Thanks again

Joanne Koenig
San Jose, Ca.


Hi, I simply cannot thank You enough for your time, promptness and helpfulness.  I could write a lengthy appreciation note to show my gratitude, but I don’t want to take up anymore of your time.You are great! Thank you again.  Words just can’t express my appreciation for what you do and how you treat people.

Have a great day!!!

Lana Smeenk- Joshua TX


For anyone who is interested, I began my Real Estate career with  total of $200.00  and bad credit.  In the beginning I realized I needed to market and to get motivated sellers calling me.  I made my own hand painted signs and postcards. When the phone rang I started buying homes with no money or credit using the subject-to EHTrust method.  In my first year I grossed $1 million dollars all with very little money out of pocket and never once used my own credit.Have a Great Day!

Lana Smeenk


We’re so very fortunate to have you folks at the helm–how many other mentors out there are as down to earth,  in the trenches with us, and as dedicated to keeping the fun in the education end of it?  And you know something? My joining the Network was one of the best decisions of my life.  I’ve missed out on some great deals because I didn’t have the tools.  Now we have those tools, the on-going support, and that “Big Book”?!  Is that worth every darn page or what?!  If you–or any others out there–haven’t gotten it, go get it pronto.  Not only is it jam-packed with important info and how to-do-its, it is a giggle to read.  Quote from a friend:  ”How can you (yours truly) enjoy your homework so much when its like, um, what…a thousand pages of real estate goop or something?” Do I have time for homework these days? Nope.  (And I’d be happy to compare notes on busy schedules!)

Okay, so it’s not a thousand–999 or something closer to 400, I guess.  Nonetheless, get the Big Book.  I’ve got sticky notes on many of the pages, have implemented what I’ve been learning, and can officially say that I have the [EHTrust] wheel a-turning in a very big way (we can’t let Peter Michaels do more transactions than us, now can we…although I dunno…I hear he does more than God.)  I seem to have to know how the darn engine works rather than just turning the key–Big Book is a Big Help.

Peace, prosperity and success to all,

Laura G.


Thank you for teaching an excellent class in Atlanta two weekends ago. I have already put into my business plan to complete 8 or more land trust deals this year using your system. I made several good contacts at your meeting.  I am a GaReia member, an investor, and a small business owner.  I think you class was excellent.   I wish I could devote my entire day to your process, though because of it, I intend to be a full-time investor within one year.

Thank you for a great training session and an eye-opening experience.

Mark Neighbor
A O Home Solutions, LLC